India Visa Application Center in Canada
(Toronto Jurisdiction)
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Pickup Process

Once you have completed/corrected your application with correct Documents & Fees as mentioned on BLS Website, you need to pay for the Pick-up and Drop-off service by clicking on the link-

While you may choose to pick-up your document from your doorstep, you may choose to drop your application along with the shipping label, to any of the Purolator Retail Outlet, to ensure 100% secured delivery to the BLS quarantined postal hub the very next day. You may visit Purolator website to know more information.

You have selected to have your documents picked up and delivered via courier. To help improve the pickup and delivery experience, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Please use a suitable envelope (up to 9” x12”) to accommodate your documents.
  2. A Purolator Envelope is available at no extra cost from the Purolator courier.
  3. In order to prepare your package, print your pickup shipping label and affix it to your package which you have got during transaction OR please use the link: LABEL PRINT [ Click here to download ]

Once your package is ready, follow the steps below to schedule a pickup.

  1. Call +1-888-7447123
  2. Say "English"
  3. Say "Pick-up"
  4. Say "Speak with a representative"
  5. Tell Customer Service Representative, "I have a BLS prepaid label and want to schedule a pick-up."
  6. Provide the Purolator tracking number of your shipment to the Customer Service Representative. For added convenience, you can drop off your package at a Purolator location. To find a location near you, visit Purolator Location.
  7. The Purolator Customer Service Representative will then provide you with a pickup confirmation number for this call. Please take note of this number for future reference.

To track your order

  1. Before the pickup has been completed – Use your pickup confirmation number
  2. After the pickup has been completed - Use the Purolator Express tracking number of your shipment.

To track the status of your envelope from pickup to delivery, visit Track Here.